This is FRUIT TREE LABS, Better at Dialogues than at Catchy Taglines...


At Fruit Tree Labs, we specialize in dialogue systems — enabling natural language conversations between users and machines. Our focus is on supporting makers to create engaging dialogue-driven interaction as part of their products. We believe that regardless of whether the product is supposed to bring joy (like a video game), or has a more serious goal (like health coaching) - the interactions with your end-users should always be simple, engaging and fun!

Dialogue is how people interact with each other everyday, and sometimes it can be an intuitive way to interact with a technology. As experts on the topic, Fruit Tree Labs can advice you on how to improve your user's experience through dialogue-driven interaction (or whether it's perhaps not a good idea to do so).

We don't just advice though — we have our own software platform that can be used to implement dialogue-driven interaction in web, mobile, or desktop apps: DialogueBranch. And the best part is that it's completely free and open source.

Continue reading to learn more about our Services, and our open source dialogue solution: DialogueBranch. If you've heard enough and want to get in touch, head on over to our Contact page.


R&D Project Partner

Our background is the European Research and Innovation community. We have over 15 years of experience with the various European research programmes and know how to successfully propose, coordinate and participate in projects. Being fully committed to delivering open source project outcomes, come talk to us as an ideal consortium member.

Dialogue Platform Integration

Our core expertise is on dialogue-driven interaction, and in particular on how to improve user engagement through the use of (embodied) conversational agents. If you're looking to embed a conversational agent into your application, we have our own custom-built, open source solution, and we can help you integrate, or modify it.

Consulting on Dialogue-Driven Interaction

Are you planning a new product with a conversational component? Or looking to add dialogue-driven interaction into an existing product? We are happy to offer our expertise during any phase of your product lifecycle.

Let's start with a dialogue.


Fruit Tree Labs is overseeing the development and community building of the DialogueBranch Platform, an open source platform for creating dialogues between virtual agents and users. DialogueBranch is an easy to use but powerful scripting language for interactive dialogue. The platform offers various tools for authoring dialogue, and running those dialogues in web- and mobile applications.

DialogueBranch is our first-born child, and it is the primary mission of Fruit Tree Labs to see the platform grow into something beautiful. That is why DialogueBranch is open sourced and licensed under the no-strings-attached MIT License.

Whether you are building a game, a mobile health coaching app, or a website providing tips on living a sustainable life, DialogueBranch can power your conversational agents, while giving you full control over its content, and presentation.

Find out more about the platform, how you can use it, and how you can get involved at

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