Fruit Tree Labs offers the following set of services.

R&D Project Partner

Our background is the European Research and Innovation community. We have over 15 years of experience with the various European research programmes and know how to successfully propose, coordinate and participate in projects. Being fully committed to delivering open source project outcomes, come talk to us as an ideal consortium member.

Dialogue Platform Integration

Our core expertise is on dialogue-driven interaction, and in particular on how to improve user engagement through the use of (embodied) conversational agents. If you're looking to embed a conversational agent into your application, we have our own custom-built, open source solution, called Dialogue Branch and we can help you integrate, or modify it.

Consulting on Dialogue-Driven Interaction

Are you planning a new product with a conversational component? Or looking to add dialogue-driven interaction into an existing product? We are happy to offer our expertise during any phase of your product lifecycle.

Let's start with a dialogue.